Welfare Policies of the First Pahlavi Government

Welfare Policies of the First Pahlavi Government


Following the enormous global changes of the 20th century, Reza Shah’s ascension to power, and the establishment of the modern government in Iran, new developments dominated the government’s social policy, one of its social manifestations being the concept and policy of social welfare. In this view, the government is viewed as the primary agent of social and welfare policy, and its actions have played a significant role in developing and providing health, treatment, and livelihood services for the general population. This research intends to examine the formation of welfare policies and their ups and downs, as well as answer the question of how the welfare services of the first Pahlavi government were implemented. This article focuses on the government and its welfare policies, which took the form of programs and solutions such as the establishment of social security and charitable institutions, and which consciously took steps to improve welfare and living conditions, as well as to reduce poverty and disability. The descriptive-analytical findings of this study suggest that the welfare programs of the first Pahlavi were developed and implemented at both the official and non-government (popular) levels. During this time period, on the one hand, medical insurance was established for the workers (workers and employees) and pension insurance was established for the military, and on the other hand, he established and supported welfare-health charities to combat the poverty and disability of the members of society and to provide general welfare.

Keywords: First Pahlavi Government, Social Welfare, Social Security, Health Insurance, Charitable Institutions.



Hashem Malekshahi

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