Complex of Problems, Inertia of Thought and the Evil of Vulgarity

Complex of Problems, Inertia of Thought and the Evil of Vulgarity


Here, I’d like to focus explicitly on the condition of social science-related thought in Iran. I believe there is widespread agreement over Iran’s plethora of accumulated difficulties. Some of Iran’s neighbors are experiencing issues comparable to our own. Iran’s challenges are not unique, but it has unique qualities. Similarities between Iran’s difficulties and those of its neighbors and other groups of nations raise the significance of considering them. The problems are interconnected and have produced a tangled web. We can classify them according to their political, social, economic, cultural, and environmental aspects. Regardless of the category whose cases we wish to examine, we will inevitably examine other categories. The nature of the political issue is economic, cultural, and social. Similarly, we can evaluate other things, not generally but explicitly. Problems are intertwined, combine, fragment, and destabilize society as a whole. The loss of society’s integrity may be an apt phrase to describe the magnitude of the accumulating problems and where they are leading us. In this condition, which should have great thinking and efficiency, the task remains at the level of generalization, amusement activities, and expressing concern here and there. The academy’s primary routine consists of business as usual. In addition, the conversation has moved to social networks in the form of controversy, campaigning, and clubbing. The scourge of vulgarity has expanded. What is this circumstance? The objective of the speech is to encourage discussion of this issue.

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Speech of Iman Ganji

ICCI2022، Iran and the Turn of the Century
Iman Ganji

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Conference Paper - Mohammad Reza Nikfar
IAJ Issue No.9
Complex of Problems, Inertia of Thought and the Evil of Vulgarity [Conf. Paper]


M. R. Nikfar
Mohammad Reza Nikfar
Philosopher, Professor of Political Philosophy

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