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Future Events
Book Launch: “Teaching gender equality in the classroom” with the presence of the author and critic
Saeed Paivandi, Mansoureh Shojaei, Maryam Mirza In-person book launch at the Central Library of Amsterdam (OBA) on April 5, 2024 - entrance at 17:30 You must register to participate in this event. To register, click on this post and fill out the form.
Iran Academia University Press
Anfal and Islamic Economics-Part Two
Author: Mehrdad Vahabi Translation: Yeprem Khan Hairig This article is a translation of the first to six parts of the fifth chapter of Mehrdad Wahhabi's book entitled "Anfal and Islamic Economics" This article will be published in two parts. In this content, you will have access to the second part.
Play: Rostam, the Famous Gilani Thief and the Black Diamond
Edited by: Emmanuel Shokrian This book is the edited, clean copy of the manuscript of the play "Rostam, the Famous Gilani Thief and the Black Diamond". This dramatic text, which was written in the years leading to Iran's constitutionalism era, is full of social and political criticisms of state and livelihood affairs. The author, who has avoided mentioning his name probably to prevent the consequences of this critical text, has criticized all politicians, clerics, and famous Sharia people of his time, except the Shah and Atabak Azam. This is the first publication of an edited and cleaned copy.
Teaching Gender Equality in the Classroom- A Handbook for Teachers
The book in front of you analytically examines the issue of gender inequality in the Iranian educational system, relying on quantitative and qualitative analysis of Iranian textbooks. The main concern of the book is to contribute to a national debate on inequality between women and men in education and in society, and to discuss practical ways to address it in the classroom and within the family.
With or Against Modernity?
Touraj Atabaki's conversation with Ramin Jahanbegloo A discussion about Hannah Arendt's reading of modernity "With or against modernity?" is the title of a conversation between Touraj Atabaki, senior researcher of the International Institute of Social History and professor of social history of the Middle East and Central Asia, with Ramin Jahanbegloo, philosopher and executive director of the Mahatma Gandhi Center for Nonviolence and Peace Studies. This conversation was hosted by the International Institute of Social History. We invite you to watch the video of this conversation in this post.
Sixty Years After the Publication of the Book “Westernization”
Analysis, its consequences, the world of the intellectual Iran era Kazem Kordavani Sunday, 10 March 2024 - 7:00 pm CEST From the series of Azadi Andisheh Association webinars Live broadcast from Iran Academia social networks
International Conference on Contemporary Iranian Studies
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Sponsor the International Conference on Contemporary Iranian Studies – 2024
Support and guarantee the successful, high-quality, and effective holding of the Third International Conference on Contemporary Iranian Studies (ICCI 2024). This conference is organized by Iran Academia University and with voluntary efforts to be a conference for thinkers, veteran and young researchers, and to address Iran's difficult issues. Click here to read more about ways to show your support. Share your questions and ideas with us. Share this post with those you know.
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