Teaching Gender Equality in the Classroom- A Handbook for Teachers
تصویر کتاب آموزش برابری جنسیتی در کلاس درس

Teaching Gender Equality in the Classroom- A Handbook for Teachers

A Handbook for Teachers

by: Saeed Paivandi

In collaboration with “Zamimeh”

Iran Academia University Press

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A Handbook for Teachers

What does gender inequality in education mean, and how is it related to the inequality between women and men in society? What are the main forms of gender inequalities and stereotypes in Iranian textbooks? Why do some discuss the presence of gender ideology or symbolic violence against girls and women in Iranian education? Has the advancement of girls in accessing the educational system and entering universities led to a reduction in gender inequalities in the curriculum and official educational discourse? In a situation where Iran, unlike a large part of the world, has no plan to reduce gender inequalities in educational activities, what strategies can be suggested to teachers and families to promote a culture of gender equality? What role do professional associations, civil society, and activists in various fields play in the fight to expand the culture of gender equality within schools, in society, and in families? The book before you analytically addresses the issue of gender inequalities in the Iranian educational system, relying on quantitative and qualitative analysis of Iranian textbooks. The main concern of the book is to engage in a national debate on inequality between women and men in education and society, and to discuss practical ways to address it in the classroom and within the family.

The authoring and editing of Teaching Gender Equality in the Classroom is one of the achievements of the campaign to eliminate gender discrimination from textbooks by «Zamimeh»

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