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Iran Academia is back! 💫 We are delighted to introduce the organization's web of sites, the 11th issue of the Freedom of Thought Journal (FTJ)... But first, do not miss out on the International Conference on Contemporary Iranian Studies (ICCI) that will take place in August 2022.

Poster of ICCI 2022
Second Bilingual International Conference on Contemporary Iranian Studies (ICCI)

When Iran Academia was founded in 2012, we did not imagine that we would ever host an international bilingual conference on social sciences and humanities in The Hague. And here we go!

Iran Academia, in collaboration with the International Institute for Social Sciences (ISS), is hosting the Second International Conference on Contemporary Iranian Studies (ICCI) in August 2022. The event will be held in Persian and English, and it will cultivate further collaborations among researchers, thinkers, and academics in both languages.

The ICCI is planned as an in-person event and so Iran Academia would like to take this opportunity to encourage the interested audiences to register and make necessary travel arrangements in order to visit The Hague - also known as the City of Justice - on this occasion. The venue is the ISS building, whose location is pinned on this map - (insert a small map of the location)

Further, Iran Academia eagerly invites you to register as a speaker with your abstract and proposal, or as an attendee

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2 April 2022
Iran and the Turn of the Century; Experiences, Lessons, and perspectives
Coinciding with the tenth anniversary of its educational activities,Iran Academia, in collaboration with the International Institute of Social Studies, organizesThe…
Iran Academia's new web of sites!

After several months of hard work, our team has succeeded to provide the audience with a completely renovated and redesigned website! Unlike previous sites, this one compiles all six Iran Academia's platforms and it is displayed in English and Persian. This integrated initiative enables the Organisation to publish and share on the same site essaysarticles, and scientific journals submitted on different platforms and languages.

The team is aware that there is still room for further improvements, and so we would very much appreciate it if comments and suggestions are shared through this contact form. Do not hesitate to reach out if anything on the website does not work well!

Watch the video by clicking on the picture below!

MOOC on Cybersecurity

AcademiX counts with a new ongoing course - Cybersecurity: from A to Z! We are now on our fourth week of its first iteration, although the interested audience can still enroll and participate via the following link.

Cybersecurity A-Z
Step-by-step introduction to cyber security and digital rights from basic to advanced
Visit the Course ...
The Turn of the SH Century! FTJ No. 11, Spring 2022

Iran Academia University Press has published the 11th issue of the Freedom of Thought Journal (FTJ), which features Iran and the turn of the century. Ali Banuazizi, FTJ's editor in chief, stated in the editor's note:

"For our future issues, in addition to our Editorial Board (Roja Fazaeli, Joel Hanisek, Mohammad Reza Nikfar, Saeed Paivandi, Nayereh Tohidi, and Ali Banuazizi), we are fortunate to be able to draw upon the expertise of a number of leading scholars in the social sciences and Iranian studies on our Board of Consulting Editors in the selection and the reviewing process of articles for publication. Ultimately, of course, the success and continued publication of the Freedom of Thought Journal will depend on its contributing authors and the support of our readers."

Read the articles in this issue: 

The evolution of gender discourse in modern Iran
COVID-19 Depressed Women’s Employment Everywhere, and More So in Iran
From Bedrooms to Streets: The Rise of a New Generation of Independent Iranian Women
Jamshid Behnam: Narrator of Loneliness, Violence, and Crises
The 14th SH Century: A Century of Education, Lessons Learned, Not Learned, and Mislearned
A Historical Study of the Iranian Queer Non-movement
My Encounters with the Question of Iranian Identity
The Problematic Confrontation of "Us" with the Other: One Dream and Multiple Interpretations
The Fourteenth SH Century and the Challenges of Muslim Intellectuals
Intellectuals and Social Movements in Iran in the Fourteenth SH Century: The Narrative of a Century of Ups and Downs

And finally,

Iran Academia is grateful to its patrons. Without their support, IA would not have come this far. If you are one of our patrons, we would like to thank you for your support. If you are not, we kindly invite you to accompany us on our journey towards free high-quality education services by clicking the button below and visiting our donation page.

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