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Essays by M. Shojaei
Essays By Mansoureh Shojaei
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Essays by M. Masaeli
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Freedom of the Press and Media and Its Relationship with Freedom of Expression

By: Jamal Fathi

Happy Birthday Kant, You Lousy Sadist

جستار تولدت مبارک کانت
By: Slavoj Žižek, Translated by: Hossein Mottaghi

Cesare Beccaria’s arguments in criticism of torture and the death penalty

تصویر مقاله استدلالهای چزاره بکاریا

What is Ideology?


The Possibility and Refusal to Realize Democracy in Iran

Ramtin Bashi

“What is going on in Iran?” – A Project by Mohammad Reza Nikfar

پوستر پروژه در ایران چه می‌گذرد از محمدرضا نیکفر
Mohammad Reza Nikfar

Alienation and Boredom of the Modern Era from the Point of View of Marx, Durkheim and Weber

Saeid Mehdizadeh

A Comparison Between Cesare Beccaria’s Criticism and Hegel’s Criticism of the Death Penalty

جایگزین عکس پُست
Essays of Reyhaneh Gholami
Reyhaneh Gholami

How Do You See the Crisis of Motivation and the Crisis of Legitimacy in Iran Today?

Vahid Asghari

Cesare Beccaria’s Perspective on the Death Penalty and Torture

Hadi Miri Ashtiani

Transdisciplinary Attitude and Liberation of Thought

Mahmoud Masaeli

The Story of the Qochan Girls: A Gender Historiography

Essays by M. Shojaei
Mansoureh Shojaee
بازیابی بیشتر

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