Jamshid Behnam: Narrator of Loneliness, Violence, and Crises

Jamshid Behnam: Narrator of Loneliness, Violence, and Crises



Ali Reza Manafzadeh, during his speech at the funeral of Jamshid Behnam, a prominent Iranian sociologist, focused on the writings and themes of his research works. In this article Manafzadeh interprets the position and importance of Behnam’s works in the historical context in which they were written. He concludes that sociological readings of Jamshid Behnam are essential in order to understand the current Iranian society. Behnam’s works not only provide researchers with valuable methodological insights, but his analysis and conclusions can form the basis for deductive studies of current sociologist.

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Manafzadeh Ali Reza. 2022. “Jamshid Behnam: Narrator of Loneliness, Violence, and Crises”. Freedom of Thought Journal, no. 11 (April):117-22. https://doi.org/10.53895/VVUB9045.


A. R. Manafzadeh
Ali Reza Manafzadeh
Historian and Author
Jamshid Behnam
The late Iranian Sociologist

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