Emmanuel Kant and The Question of Peace

Emmanuel Kant and The Question of Peace

Series on Political Thought

By Mohammad Reza Nikfar

7.5 ECTS

Number of sessions: 14

Course type: Fundamentals

Self Paced
Counted: 6


Immanuel Kant’s book, Lasting Peace, is at the core of this course. It is one of the most important works on the subject of peace in political philosophy. The lecture also provides an overview of Kant’s philosophy, particularly his political philosophy.

The study of Kant’s book “Peace” has four objectives: a thorough reading of the book, familiarity with the method of reading and analyzing basic texts, familiarity with Kant’s entire philosophy, and to a degree, knowledge of the concept of peace and associated issues.

In this course, the learning tools are studying, participating in discussions in the forum, and completing homework.

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