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Institute of Social Sciences and Humanities – ISSH (Iran Academia) is a non-profit educational and cultural foundation that works through your support in the form of subsidies, sponsors, and financial aid to individuals and companies. We invite you to support this collection to continue the efforts and free educational and cultural services of Iran Academia. ISSH is recognized by the Dutch tax authorities as a non-profit foundation (ANBI Algemeen Nut Beogende Instellingen) which means that your financial contributions to ISSH are tax-exempt. Our official registration number in the Dutch Chamber of Commerce is 61188204.

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Stichting ISSH IBAN/SEPA: NL27TRIO0197967337 BIC: TRIONL2U

Triodos Bank, Utrechtseweg 44, 3704 HD Zeist, The Netherlands

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Our Suggestion

Academix Instructor
Roya Pakzad
Speech of Kheyzaran Esmaeilzadeh
ICCI 2022
"National Art" in The visual Arts of Modern Iran and its Transformations
مجتبا گل‌محمدی
Academix Instructor
Mojtaba Golmohammadi
Nayereh Tohidi
Gender Differences in Motivation for Scientific / Professional Development of Iranian Boys and Girls
Academix Instructor
David Banisar
Ahmad Ashraf
FTJ Issue No.11
My Encounters with the Question of Iranian Identity

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