Apply for Social Studies Program

Apply for Social Studies Program

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Tuesday 14, November 2023
This event has ended.

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The registration season for the Social Studies program is annually for three months, from the beginning of August to the end of October.

Registration for the 2024 academic program is closed.

  • Uncensored study and in accordance with international scientific standards
  • Online education beyond geographical boundaries
  • Recognized academic degree
  • Renowned Iranian professors from the world’s most prestigious universities
  • Instruction in the Persian language
  • Interdisciplinary approach
  • Tuition-free education


You can read the description of the curriculum structure for “Social Studies” on the “Curriculum” page

Iran Academia and the “Social Studies” program are under evaluation and classification within the European Qualifications Framework – Level 7 at a master’s degree equivalent level, and the final diploma of the course will also be issued based on this standard.


  • Registration Deadline: Registration begins in early August and will continue until the end of October.
  • Announcement of Results: The results of the registration review will be announced one month after the registration deadline.
  • Start of the Study Program: The program will begin with short prerequisite classes in January. Then, the first semester classes will start in the first week of February. The duration of the study program is one year.


Please read the “How to Register” guide and submit your request on the website by pressing the registration button.

Note: Opening a user account does not mean that you must finalize your registration request immediately. During the registration period, you can always access your user account to complete your registration request.


To register for the 2024 academic program, please use the Iran Academia’s registration request management system starting from August 1, 2023.


  1. Is only a related bachelor’s degree accepted? A related bachelor’s degree is desired but not mandatory. Your entire set of documents and conditions will be reviewed.
  2. Is a language certificate necessary? The objective is to be able to read untranslated resources. Therefore, an intermediate reading level in English is essential for studying English resources. If you don’t have a TOEFL or IELTS certificate, you can take an intermediate English reading test at a language institute near your residence. Certificates from language institutions are accepted. Those who have a degree in translation or English literature or have studied at English-language universities do not need to provide a language certificate.
  3. Should we first take the language test and then apply for registration? No, if you are currently preparing to take the reading test, you can indicate on the related section on the website that you are in the process of taking the English language reading test and specify the expected date of receiving it.
  4. If we haven’t received our bachelor’s degree yet, can we apply for registration? Yes. If you’re in the final year of your bachelor’s degree and haven’t received your diploma yet, please indicate the expected date of receipt and attach the detailed scores you have earned up to the completion of the questionnaire.
  5. How much is the tuition fee at Iran Academia? Education at Iran Academia is free. Iran Academia was established based on its belief in the necessity of academic freedoms, the right to free education, and also free study. Previously, Iran Academia recommended an annual symbolic administrative fee of 110 euros as a minimal amount and a mechanism to create a sense of seriousness and commitment in the student concerning everything available to them. Still, it no longer requests it. Instead, it only suggests that those who can, aren’t facing transfer restrictions, and they or their families live abroad, support the ongoing activities of Iran Academia on “this page” with this amount or any other voluntary amount.
  6. What level is Iran Academia’s certificate? The certificate from Iran Academia is within the European Qualifications Framework – Level 7 at a master’s degree equivalent level. The final course certificate is also issued based on this standard. For a detailed explanation, refer to the resources below:

The Level 7 of the European Union’s European Qualifications Framework (EQF) is compatible with The second cycle (e.g. Master’s degrees) of the Qualifications Framework of the European Higher Education Area. Read more on about the EQF Levels.

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