Apply for Social Studies Program

Apply for Social Studies Program

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14 November
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Admission requirements

The requirements for admission to the Social Studies program (equivalent to the Master’s level) are

  • BA or BSc degree (or equivalent) from a recognized University.
  • Proficiency in reading English, to be demonstrated by an appropriate test: Intermediate English reading certificate issued by a language institute, IELTS reading test 6.0, TOEFL iBT reading test 13-18 or equivalent. Note: The instruction will be in the Persian Language, but a significant amount of course-related resources are in English and obviously a good command of English reading will be considered a prerequisite to admission.


Iran Academia uses an online platform to manage student applications. Please register at: Required documents

  1. Copy of valid ID card or passport
  2. Personal photo
  3. Copies of diplomas and transcripts
    You are required to upload copies of all diplomas and official transcripts in the original language (with official translations if these documents are not in English). If you have not yet obtained your bachelor’s degree, please mention your (expected) graduation date and include copies of all transcripts obtained to date.
  4. Copy of the Certificate of Proficiency in Reading English
    If you have not yet obtained your certificate, please mention your (expected) certification date.
  5. Up to date CV (resume)
    A short resume highlighting your personal, academic, and work-related abilities in a maximum of two A4 pages.
  6. Motivation letter
    The motivation letter is a personal statement in which you explain why you wish to study in the Social Studies program. It is also an opportunity for you to convince the Academic board of your academic qualities. We are looking for a motivation letter of at least one but a maximum of three A4 pages (standard formatting).
  7. Additional Documents
    You are also welcome to add other documents in support of your academic performance (e.g. publications, thesis abstract). • Please note that documents only need to be sent by post if requested by the Admissions Office during the application process.


You will be asked to enter the contact details (email) of your Recommender(s) in the online application platform. We will contact these Recommenders directly to request their letters of recommendation, which they can submit through the application platform. You are requested to submit the contact details of at least one Recommender. Recommenders can be Academic, Professional, or Personal references.

Application deadline

November 30, 2016, for the Social Studies program starting in February 2017. Receipt of the Application You will receive an acknowledgment of the receipt of the application.

Admission Admission process

The purpose of the application is to determine whether your diploma(s) grant(s) you access to the program. If this is the case you will receive a formal decision on admission and further instructions on how to finalize your student registration.

Decision on Admission

  • Your application is reviewed by the Admissions Office in consultation with the Academic board.
  • The admission process may include an interview by the Admissions office.
  • A formal decision will be sent to you by the Admissions Office. The decision will specify whether you are admitted, conditionally admitted, or not admitted.

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