Action & Impact: Strategies for Community Improvement

Action & Impact: Strategies for Community Improvement


Do you want to improve your community? Do you know how? 

This course will focus on strategies to identify and implement constructive solutions to community problems. These solutions often require government resources, such as in the form of budget allocation and effective expenditures. To ensure this happens, citizens can organize to advance their priorities.

Such locally led efforts can be rewarding and lead to meaningful change; however, they require that citizens do remain active, invest time, energy, planning, and careful review of the issue(s) at hand. They must consider different perspectives, intended or unintended consequences, and what trade-offs may be necessary. Engaging with government officials in a regular and iterative manner may be required, along with a willingness to hold officials accountable to commitments.

The most effective strategies are evidence-based, requiring accurate information and advocacy tools. You may wonder: Is progress actually possible? Where do I begin? Will authorities ever listen to me?

This course is designed to equip you with the practical tools necessary to organize your efforts. You will: assess your current capabilities and areas for improvement, identify allies, better understand those with different perspectives, understand how to access information, establish advocacy and organizing practices, improve your communication skills, and learn how to evaluate your progress. This will allow you to begin designing a realistic roadmap for action to achieve your goals within your community.

Level: Basic

Language: Persian

Institute: Iran Academia

Reading: 2 h/w

Course start date: 14 June 2024


Length: 7 weeks

Certificate of Participation

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Course Schedule

  • Week One: Legal Framework  
  • Week Two: Budget cycle entry points, collecting, compiling and analyzing data
  • Week Three: Understand Power: Individual and Collective
  • Week Four: Defining Community Needs
  • Week Five: Organizing for Advocacy 
  • Week Six: Mobilizing Support
  • Week Seven: Planning for Opposition

Certificate of Participation

Certi Ec02Fe4967 23 May 2024
دریافت گواهی رسمی پایان دوره با امضای مدرس دوره، دسترسی به گواهی پایان دوره با لینک دائم و یکتا قابل اشتراک گذاری در قسمت گواهینامه‌های لینکداین، امکان افزودن نسخه چاپی گواهی پایان دوره به رزومه

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