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MOOCs, or massive open online courses, are a recent development in the world of online learning. MOOCs are free, online courses that are open to anyone with an internet connection. AcademiX is a Persian Language MOOC provider that offers quality courses that are designed and developed by experts in their field. You can easily enroll in these courses, and you will receive a certificate of your participation that you can add to your LinkedIn and resume. MOOCs offer a great opportunity for people who want to learn new skills or gain knowledge in a particular subject area. With AcademiX, you can be sure that you are getting quality course materials from experts in the field.

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AcademiX Courses in the field of Cyber Security
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Advocacy and Social Organization
Leyla Asadi & Farangis Bayat
Can advocacy be a collective democratic way to bring about lasting and just change in society?
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Displacement and Forced migration: My Rights or the State’s Sovereignty
Course Designer and Instructor: Leila Asadi
The displacement course employs an interdisciplinary legal, political, and sociological approach to the issue of forced migration so that by the end of the course, the participants will be equipped with fundamental definitions and concepts pertaining to refugee rights, social-political foundations, and critical approaches to the International refugee legal regimes. Enroll for this course now
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Cyber Security A-Z – Advanced Course
Course designer and instructor: Mehdi Mohseni
The first week of the advanced cyber security course, which covers the fundamental subject of "Network infrastructure devices," has started and is now available to you as of today, June 27. Sign up for this class. If you have not yet completed this training program, you can sign up for the introductory course to get started right away. Do not miss this important instructional program.
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Cyber Security A-Z – Intermediate Course
Course designer and instructor: Mehdi Mohseni
The second phase of the "Cyber Security from A to Z" program with a focus on "Action against cyber threats". This program is offered in three courses. Sign up for it and learn more!
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Right To Information
Coordinator and Course Designer: Bahar Saba
This course focuses on the right to access information under international law and standards and explores the intersection of this right with a range of other human rights, such as the right to truth, the right to health, and the right to privacy. It is designed for lawyers and legal practitioners, journalists and media workers, civil society activists, and anyone interested in learning about their rights as guaranteed under international law.
AcademiX Courses
Cyber Security A-Z
Course Designer and Instructor: Mehdi Mohseni
Step-by-step introduction to cyber security and digital rights from basic to advanced
Middle East, From History to Destiny
Course Designer and Instructor: Anahita Hosseini
We will look at social movements, culture and education, migration, environment, minorities, the interconnectivity of societal concerns, and the problem of peace in the Middle East, all of which go beyond the dominant and policy-oriented narratives.
Protecting the rights of children in Iran
Course Designer and Instructor: Hamed Farmand
For parents, civic activists, journalists, teachers, lawyers, legislators and others who deal directly or indirectly with children.
Making the Money Work
Coordinator and Instructor: Layla Asadi
How Budgetary Processes Can Help Citizens. How participation in the budget process can help ensure citizen needs are met?
Human Rights; Beyond the Headlines
Course Designer and Instructor: Bahar Saba
Designed and developed to understand human rights demands through the lens of international instruments and mechanisms.
Economics in current world
Instructor: Mohammad Reza Moeini
The challenges of today's world through the lens of understanding political economy
Feminism, Genger, and Sexuality
Course Designer and Instructor: Zeynab Peyghambarzadeh
رویکردهای مختلف فمینیستی چه‌طور نابرابری‌های جنسیتی را توضیح می‌دهند؟ تجربه ما از جنسیت‌ تحت تاثیر چه سیستم‌های نابرابری اجتماعی، اقتصادی و سیاسی‌ دیگری شکل می‌گیرد؟