Economics in Today’s World

Economics in Today’s World

The challenges of today's world from the window of understanding political economy

About the course:

Perhaps we have not paid much attention to the fact that from the moment we wake up and start the day until the time we go to sleep at the end of the day, all of our lives are somehow affected by the economy. We hear the word economy many times throughout the day and we deal with money, buying and selling, and prices, but we don't know the economy properly and we don't know exactly how it affects our lives and what kind of relationship it has with us, our society, and the world we live in. This free-of-charge class, in a short period, gives you the opportunity to better understand the concept of economics, and enables you to analyze it to an acceptable level.

Level: Basic

Language: Persian

Institute: Iran Academia

Reading: 3 h/w

Self Paced


Length: 6 weeks

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Course Schedule

Week One: Basics of national wealth

  • Capitalism as a social formation
  • What is political economy?
  • What does economic growth mean?
  • The secret of technology and its effect on social and economic relations
  • Why are institutions important?
  • Growth and population

Week Two:Eonomy, conflict of interest and the power of cooperation

  • Conflict of interest
  • Property rights
  • Accumulation
  • Organizations and their importancw
  • Power structure
  • The role of foundations in Iran’s economy

Week Three: Labor and employment policy

  • The role of companies in a healthy economy
  • Owners and directors
  • Workers, the real producers of wealth
  • Who gets what share and why?
  • Profit and loss: the guiding light of the economy
  • Unemployment: the only thing worse than exploitation

Week Four: The role of the government, public policy and rent seeking

  • Where can I apply for a loan?
  • Money means credit, credit means money
  • Set the price – pocket the rent
  • What is efficiency?
  • What is the role of the government?
  • What is the relationship between the government and the market?

Week Five: Why are women absent in economic decisions?

  • Why is the GDP index not perfect?
  • Domestic work: The forgotten economic data
  • Isn’t domestic work an example of exploitation?
  • Gender and discrimination in receiving wages
  • Benefits of equal pay for women
  • Women’s entrepreneurship in Iran

Week Six: Economy and civil society

  • Civil society and its relationship with the economy
  • The mutual relationship between a healthy economy and a strong civil society
  • The role of economic freedoms in the growth and fertility of civil society
  • The role of economic empowerment
  • Empowering people should be seen as an opportunity
  • Theories will not go anywhere if social activities are not carried out in line with those theories

Course Completion Certificate

Certi Ec02Fe4967 24 May 2024
دریافت گواهی رسمی پایان دوره با امضای مدرس دوره، دسترسی به گواهی پایان دوره با لینک دائم و یکتا قابل اشتراک گذاری در قسمت گواهینامه‌های لینکداین، امکان افزودن نسخه چاپی گواهی پایان دوره به رزومه

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