Human Rights; Beyond the Headlines

Human Rights; Beyond the Headlines

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Bahar Saba
Bahar Saba
Human rights researcher and advocate. The Middle East and North Africa Programme Officer at ARTICLE 19.
Nazila Ghanea
Nazila Ghanea
Associate Professor in International Human Rights Law, UN Special Rapporteur on Freedom of Religion or Belief
Yuval Ginbar
Ph.D. in Law and Legal Advisor at Amnesty International
Raha Bahreini
Raha Bahreini
Researcher at Amnesty International. Alumna of International Human Rights Law and Gender studies.
حسین رئیسی
Hossein Raeesi
Lawyer, Professor of Human Rights Law
Iain Byrne
Director in the Global Thematics Initiative Programme at Amnesty International. Alumnus of Human Rights Law.
Mervat Rishmawi
Master in International Human Rights and Humanitarian Law
Malavika Vartak
Researcher at Amnesty International
Anna-Karin Holmlund
Senior UN Advocate at Amnesty International. Alumna of Human Rights and Law
Maya Foa
Alumna of Law
Meghna Abraham
Researcher at Amnesty International.
Harriet McCulloch
Alumna of Law and Deputy Director of the legal charity Reprieve Solicitor

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