Making the Money Work

Making the Money Work

Learning Objectives:  

Develop an understanding of data-driven, evidence-based advocacy principles to equip citizen groups in Iran to promote transparency and influence budget processes safely and effectively.   Increased knowledge of budget and expenditure processes, including legally mandated rights, government obligations, and implications of allocation changes  Develop the awareness of participants about the importance and role of local decision-making processes, and ways to engage with and monitor those processes to ensure that they respond to the citizens' needs.  Increased awareness about the role and responsibility of the citizen to participate in advocating for change to address their community needs. 

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Leila Asadi
Legal Assistant at the Immigrant Law Center, Ph.D. Researcher in Justice Studies
Jeffrey England
Alumnus of African Studies
Laura Grace
Alumnus of International Relations
Slobodan Milic
Alumnus of Development studies
Dirk Slater
Advocacy and Social Change advisor
Amy Pritchard
political consultant, social entrepreneur, and Campaign Strategy Expert

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