Cyber Security A-Z – Advanced Course

Cyber Security A-Z – Advanced Course

Network and cyber security - third course - advanced

About the course:

Our lives are growing more and more reliant on the internet or cyberspace every day. Online banking, online shopping, an online doctor, an online library, etc. But is this area secure for us, our loved ones, our data, and our belongings? Are all of the online hazards known to us? Do we know how to defend ourselves from these dangers? The educational program "Cyber Security A to Z" teaches us about the Internet's composition, functionality, and communication before teaching us about the dangers that lurk there and how to safeguard both our personal and professional lives. 

The three brief beginners, intermediate, and advanced courses that make up the "Cyber Security A to Y" curriculum are followed by a masterclass for the top students.

Level: Advanced

Language: Persian

Organizer: Iran Academia

Weekly Studying Hours: Two Hours


Graduation Certificate Provided

Course Duration: Six Weeks

Date: June 19, 2023

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This course is the third course of the “Cyber Security from A to Z” program with an advanced level.

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دریافت گواهی رسمی پایان دوره با امضای مدرس دوره، دسترسی به گواهی پایان دوره با لینک دائم و یکتا قابل اشتراک گذاری در قسمت گواهینامه‌های لینکداین، امکان افزودن نسخه چاپی گواهی پایان دوره به رزومه

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