Cyber Security A-Z – Intermediate Course

Cyber Security A-Z – Intermediate Course

In this course, the student will learn how to protect his / her devices and home network against cyber threats. In this course, in addition to theoretical familiarity, the student is shown how to use various tools to increase the security level of his computer or mobile phone, as well as his home network.

Level: Intermediate

Language: Persian

Institute: Iran Academia

Reading: 2 h/w

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Length: 6 weeks

Start Date: 16/5/2022

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Certi Ec02Fe4967 22 May 2024
دریافت گواهی رسمی پایان دوره با امضای مدرس دوره، دسترسی به گواهی پایان دوره با لینک دائم و یکتا قابل اشتراک گذاری در قسمت گواهینامه‌های لینکداین، امکان افزودن نسخه چاپی گواهی پایان دوره به رزومه

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