Cyber Security from A to Z

Cyber Security from A to Z

Step-by-step introduction to cybersecurity and digital rights from beginner to advanced

About the program :

Online shopping , Online banking, online library, online doctor, ... Our lives are becoming more and more dependent on online or cyberspace.‌ But is this space safe for us, our loved ones, our information, and our assets? Are we aware of all the cyber threats? And do we know how to protect ourselves against these threats? In the "Cyber ​​Security A to Z" program, we will first get acquainted with the structure, operation, and communication of the Internet, then we will learn what threats are lurking in this space, and then we will learn how we can provide ourselves with a secure work environment and activities. The "Cyber ​​Security A to Z" program is held in three short courses: introductory, intermediate, and advanced, at the end of the program, top students will be able to participate in a masterclass.

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This program consists of three courses: introductory, intermediate and advanced. See the active courses below:

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Course Designer and Instructor: Mehdi Mohseni
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Cyber Security A-Z
Course designer and instructor: Mehdi Mohseni
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Cyber Security A-Z - Intermediate Course

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