Protecting the rights of children in Iran

Protecting the rights of children in Iran

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Course Schedule

First Week: Concepts

Week 2: The rights of the child and the challenges that violate them / Part One

Week 3: The rights of the child and the challenges that violate them / Part II

Week 4: Systematic approach to child protection (policy-making)

Week 5: Systematic approach to child protection – The model of the World Health Organization

Week 6: Challenges and Opportunities for the Protection of Children’s Rights in Iran

Week 7: The role of the media in supporting children

Week 8: Civil activists and child support

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دریافت گواهی رسمی پایان دوره با امضای مدرس دوره، دسترسی به گواهی پایان دوره با لینک دائم و یکتا قابل اشتراک گذاری در قسمت گواهینامه‌های لینکداین، امکان افزودن نسخه چاپی گواهی پایان دوره به رزومه


Hamed Farmand
Children’s rights activist
حسین رئیسی
Hossein Raeesi
Lawyer, Professor of Human Rights Law
Lorna Brookes
Senior Lecturer in Education and Early Childhood Studies.
Rebecca Shlafer
Assistant Professor at the general department of pediatrics and adolescent Health
Fahimeh Mianji
Clinical Psychologist
Behnam Daraeizadeh
Alumnus of International Human rights, human rights lawyer and journalist.
Moein Khazaeli
Researcher, Journalist, and Law expert
Asieh Amini
Poet, Journalist, and Women's Rights Activist
Musa Barzin
Master of Criminal Law and Criminology
Rayehe Mozafarian
Researcher, Documentary filmmaker, Women and Children's Rights Activist
Azam Bahrami
Alumna of Environmental Physics and New Energy.
Julie Poehlmann Tynan
Professor of Human Ecology
Matthew Eaton Kent
Judy Finlay
Associate professor in the Faculty of Community Services
Saba Vasefi
journalist, filmmaker, and Poet
Negar Rezvani
Sahar Motallebi
Physician and Master of Public Health
Saeed Paivandi
‪Saeed Paivandi
Professor of Sociology and Methodology

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