“Scholars and Artists at Risk” Panel

“Scholars and Artists at Risk” Panel

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This session will describe the work of the Scholars at Risk network and peer organizations in relation to the work of Iran Academia. It will reflect on the situation and the work of displaced scholars and artists and discuss the state of academic freedom. It will also present mutual learning opportunities for at-risk scholars, academic mentors, and higher education administrators working to support at-risk academics and strengthen academic freedom, including questions of awareness and preparedness on hosting at-risk scholars.

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Andra Matei
Lawyer, Founding Director of Avant-Garde Lawyers
Joel Hanisek
Policy and Programme Manager, Scholars at Risk Europe
Aziz Mohibbi
The former Chancellor of Bamiyan University in Afghanistan and a SAR scholar hosted jointly by Trinity College Dublin and Maynooth University.
Roja Fazaeli
Roja Fazaeli
Ph.D. in Human Rights Law, Professor in Islamic Civilisation(s)

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