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Julian Go

Julian Go is Professor of Sociology

Baktash Abtin

تصویر بکتاش آبتین
Poet, film maker, writer, and political prisoner. A member of The Iranian Writers Association.

Meysam Badamchi

تصویر میثم بادامچی
A graduate in Political Philosophy from LUISS University Rome and in Philosophy of Science from Sharif University of Technology, Journalist, translator, and an analyst in the field of Turkic-speaking countries

Saghar Sadeghian

تصویر ساغر صادقیان
Associate Professor of History and International Studies at Willamette University in the United States

Hemn Rahimi

تصویر هیمن
Hemn Rahimi is a researcher in Philosophy and Social Sciences.

Mahdi Khodaei

تصویر مهدی
PhD candidate at Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg (FAU) whose research interests are focused on human rights movements in the Middle East, with a particular emphasis on Iran and Egypt.

Shokofeh Ghafari

تصویر شکوفه
Shokoofeh Ghaffari, also with a Master's in Painting from the same university, is a painter, researcher, and educator.

Milad Jahani-Siyahroodi

تصویر میلاد
Milad Jahanisiahroodi holds a Master's degree in Painting from the University of Science and Culture, Tehran, serving as an educator, researcher, and painter.

Parsa Habibi-fard

تصویر پارسا
Parsa Habibi-Fard is a master's degree student in sociology at the University of Tehran

Shahrokh Hassanzadeh

تصویر شاهرخ
Shahrokh Hassanzadeh serves as the Director of the Human Rights Center in Iranian Kurdistan. He holds a master's degree in Social Studies

Mina Eftekhari

تصویر مینا
A graduate in theater and social sciences, an independent researcher in the fields of social sciences and performing arts

Roya Karimi Majd

پروفایل رویا کریمی مجد
Investigative Journalist and Producer
بازیابی بیشتر

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