Knowledge and Power panel

Knowledge and Power panel

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Speech of Iman Ganji
ICCI 2022
Humanities vis a vis Power: The Subjugated Knowledge and the Struggle for its Liberation
Speech of Mohammad Reza Nikfar
ICCI 2022
Complex of Problems, Inertia of Thought and the Evil of Vulgarity


M. R. Nikfar
Mohammad Reza Nikfar
Philosopher, Professor of Political Philosophy
Iman Ganji
Iman Ganji
Ph.D. in philosophy of art and performance art studies

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Hall 1- Persian
Hall 1
The Editorial Board of "Freedom of Thought Journal (FTJ)" - Round table
Hall 2- Persian
Hall 2
International Relations Panel
Hall 3- Persian
Hall 3
"Intellectualism in Contemporary Iran" Panel
Hall 1- Persian
Hall 1
Social Movements Panel [Persian]

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ICCI 2022
Opening Remarks at the 2022 International Conference on Contemporary Iranian Studies (ICCI)
ICCI 2022
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