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Zamaneh Radio (Zamaneh Media) is a Persian language media organization based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and the official media sponsor of the International Conference on Contemporary Iranian Studies in 2022. Zamaneh provides independent journalism, citizen reporting, debate and knowledge to an audience in Iran and the Persian speaking community around the world, building bridges between Iran and the Iranian diaspora and between different Persian speaking communities, such as in Afghanistan and Central Asia.  

As a public media, Zamaneh prioritizes giving a voice to the unheard through both its editorial output and projects, which cover a variety of social, economic, cultural, and political topics as well as internet freedom, human rights, and democracy. Over the past four years, Zamaneh has been systematically monitoring, analyzing, and publishing content on labor rights issues in Iran, providing in-depth reports to build cases and push for change in the international arena.  

Other notable projects include Zamaneh Tribune, a secure online platform where Iranian citizen reporters and human rights activists can upload, share and discuss multimedia reports on human rights and democracy and enter into debate with each other. Launched in 2019, Zamaneh’s latest platform Daadkhast celebrates the first digital petitioning platform for Iran and the Iranian diaspora.

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