Successful completion of the “Economy” e-book project

Successful completion of the “Economy” e-book project


The international “Economics” book project is a complete and coherent curriculum in the field of economics with open and free access, encompassing electronic textbooks and supporting tools for instructors and students, such as quizzes, interactive charts, and instructive videos.

Iran Academia, the first Persian-language university, has included the CORE book of economics as a resource for its political economy course since 2015, with the aim of providing alternative education in the field of humanities and the belief in the necessity of publishing scientific and educational content with open source. Iran Academia has included the translation of this textbook into Farsi on its agenda since 2017 in order to cooperate and participate in the CORE project. In 2018, twelve out of the 22 chapters of this e-book were made available to the public.

We are delighted that the whole version of the 22-chapter CORE “Economy” book will soon be available to everyone, following months of effort spent rectifying the faults of the first twelve chapters.

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