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Human Rights Series
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Marxian Psychology Series
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Kurdish Studies Series



Islam and Competing Nationalisms in the Middle East, 1876-1926

Author: Kamal Soleimani, Translated by: Mehdi Rezaei

Sexual Politics

تصویر جلد سیاست جنسی
Author: Kate Millett

Memoirs of an Iranian Wanderer

جلد کتاب خاطرات یک سرگشته ایرانی به کوشش شهرام کیانی
By Shahram Kiani

Talaat Pasha, Father of Modern Turkey, Architect of Genocide

Author: Hans Lukas Kieser, Translated by Amir moghadam

A History of Marxist Psychology – The Golden Age of Soviet Science

جلد کتاب عصر طلائی علم شوروی
Marxian Psychology Series
Anton Yasnitsky, Translated by Emanuel Shokrian

The Force of Nonviolence

جلد کتاب رخداد از اسلاوی ژیژک و ترجمه حسین متقی
Slavoj Žižek, translation by Hossein Mottaghi

Criticism of the Foundations of Psychology: Psychoanalytic Psychology

Marxian Psychology Series
Georges Politzer, Translator: Emmanuel Shokrian

The Force of Non-Violence

Single Volume

Kurdish Nationalism, Religion, and State

Kurdistan: Insights from Within
Kamal Soleimani, Trans: Sirwan Barzanji

Rethinking Cultural-Historical Theory: A Dialectical Perspective to Vygotsky

Marxian Psychology Series
Manolis Dafermos, Translated by Emanuel Shokrian

The People’s Voice Cannot be Silenced

Farzin Vahdat

Human Rights and Public Goods in Modern Political Thought

تصویر جلد دوم کتاب محمود مسائلی
Mahmoud Masaeli
بازیابی بیشتر

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