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International Conference on Contemporary Iranian Studies

Iran Academia University

Secure your presence at the ICCI conference with booth rentals. Each booth includes tables measuring 120×80 cm, ideal for showcasing books. Publishers often opt for 2 or 4 tables, allowing ample space to display a range of titles. We extend a special invitation to publishers of Persian and English works in Iranian Studies. Upon registration, we’ll provide a postal address for convenient shipment of your books or artworks directly to the venue. This is an excellent opportunity to connect with an engaged audience and showcase your contributions to the field.

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Official website, official Instagram or Telegram channel or any other address through which we can learn about your activities. A personal and private profile is not accepted, but a personal profile that is public and focused on your professional work is useful.
Options (each table will cost 15 euro for both days of the ICCI conference)
These facilities are available for both days of the conference. The fee will be used to rent a table from the conference venue. Iran Academia is a facilitator and does not get any financial benefit from this payment.

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