Sajad Sepehri

Sociology Researcher

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پروفایل سجاد سپهری

Researcher at the sociology department of Amsterdam free university (VU), Iran Academia Podcast Host, Teaching prerequisite methodological course in Iran Academia Graduate School, Musician.

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panel ICCI 2024 پنل کنفرانس ۲۰۲۴
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ICCI 2024
AI, Learning, and Education (Plenary Session)
پوستر پوپولیسم - سمینار
Diverse Horizons Series
The Concept of Populism and Its Importance
پوستر اپیزود ۱۶ پادکست ایران آکادمیا در گفتگو با سعید رهنما به همراه تصویری اژ سعید رهنما با عنوان تشکل و دموکراسی
Saeed Rahnema
The Second Season of Iran Academia Podcast
Episode 16 - Organization and Democracy - Saeed Rahnema
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Fight for Place - Iman Ganji
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The Difference Between Bodies and Political Dreams - Iman Ganji
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Movement Thinks and Creates - Amin Ganji
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Leaderless Movement, Father's Authority, and Limits of Leadership - Iman Ganji
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Hear the Voice of Silence - Iman Ganji
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The Relationship of Bodies to Time and Space - Iman Ganji
Iran Academia
Knot, About Iran!?
دریافت داده بیشتر

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