Full Speech Text Submission (Conference Paper) – ICCI 2024
ثبت متن کامل سخنرانی (مقاله کنفرانس) ICCI

Full Speech Text Submission (Conference Paper) – ICCI 2024

Sunday 30, June 2024
This event has ended.

Guide to submitting the full text of a speech

International Conference on Contemporary Iranian Studies (ICCI) 2024

Final deadline to submit a full text: June 30, 2024

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ICCI 2024
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After the approval of the registered submission, speakers of the ICCI conference should send the full text of their speech to the Conference Secretariat by the specified deadline. Submitting the full text of the Conference Paper is necessary to check the content of the speech, facilitate simultaneous translation, and ensure the quality of the presentations in the Conference.

Features of the full text of the speech (Conference Paper)

Your submitted text must have the following characteristics. This text should be presented in the language in which you intend to present your speech. The speech text is the Conference Paper and must have the standard features of a conference paper.

Before submitting the full text, please make sure your text has the following features:

  • Clarity and structure: The Conference Paper (speech) should clearly address the issue and have a solid structure. The paper should begin with a clear statement of the topic and provide a brief overview of the theoretical framework and methodology. The issues and discussions of the paper must have a direct relationship with the topic or issue raised and present a coherent and aligned narrative that is clear to the listener or reader.
  • Proper formatting: Your paper should have appropriate headings, subheadings and, if necessary, diagrams and images (PowerPoint file) in order to present complex concepts in an appropriate manner.
  • Relationship with research literature: Your paper should address an important topic or problem that can interest a wide range of researchers and thinkers. The relevance of your paper to the existing research or theoretical literature should be clearly stated, and you should explain what your paper adds to the existing literature.
  • Appropriate referencing:‌ Your paper cannot simply include personal points of view, opinions, theorizing, or propositions without support and references to appropriate sources. Text without support and references to the appropriate source lacks scientific value and credibility. You must use the Chicago style (complete note) for referencing within the text and the bibliography section. A guide to this method can be found here.
  • Consistency and correctness of grammar and spelling: Your text must use non-colloquial language, be in full compliance with the principles and rules of writing, and be error-free.

About text length, number of slides (PowerPoint) and some advice

  • The optimal duration of the speech is 15 minutes. The maximum acceptable speech duration is 20 minutes.
  • Considering the desired duration of the presentation, the text of your speech (Conference Paper) must be between 1800 and 2300 words (not including the final referencing section). A paper (speech) that is more than 2,300 words will exceed 20 minutes in practice, and it is not accepted from the perspective of priority to time management and allocating equal presentation time to everyone.
  • If you use slides (PowerPoint) in your presentation, use a maximum of 15 slides (including 1 minute for each slide). We recommend five to ten slides with concise visual content and minimal text. Text-only slides, with lengthy listings, without images and diagrams, and with many details, have little educational value and benefit and practically do not help the audience better understand the content. We recommend using creative and visual methods as much as possible and with the least number of words per slide.

After completing the text of your speech (Conference Paper) and ensuring that it abides by the guidelines and recommendations provided, please send it to the Conference Secretariat using the form below.

Full Presentation Submission ICCI

Email address submission

First enter your email address. If the address you enter has been used to register an abstract, shortly, your accepted abstract information will appear in the next section. You can enter the final title, and full text of your speech in the third section after confirming the displayed information.
Use the email address you used to submit your abstract

Your Abstract Information

If your abstract information is not visible here, either you have registered your abstract with another email, or your abstract has not been received or approved. If you think something has gone wrong, let us know.

Is the data displayed above related to your submitted abstract?

Submitting the final title and text

Re-enter your email address

Maximum file size: 5MB

متن کامل سخنرانی خود را در فرمت مایکروسافت وُرد در اینجا آپلود کنید. متن شما نباید بدون بخش منابع بیشتر از ۲۵۰۰ کلمه باشد. لطفا به این موضوع دقت کنید.

Maximum file size: 5MB

If you need a slide in your presentation, upload your slide in PowerPoint format here.

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