Human Rights

Afrooz Maghzi

پروفایل افروز مغزی 
Afrooz Maghzi Profile
visiting fellow at Harvard University and PhD in Law from Hall-Wittenberg University and LLM from University College Dublin

Othering the Baha’is in Their Homeland: Reviewing Baha’i Persecution in Iran (1979-Present)

Freedom of Thought Journal Issue 14
Saghar Sadeghian

Fatemeh Haghighatjoo

پروفایل فاطمه حقیقت‌جو
Academix Instructor
Human Rights Activist

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Regina M. Paulose

رجینا ام. پاولس
US based International Criminal Law Attorney

Transitional Justice

دوره همگانی عدالت انتقالی
Course Designer and Instructor: Bahar Saba

The Continued Persecution of the Bahá’í Community in Iran Why the Bahá’ís are Excluded from Freedom of Religion and the Current Escalation

ICCI 2022
Karlijn van der Voort's Speech

Displacement and Forced Migration: My Rights or the State’s Sovereignty

AcademiX Courses
Course Designer and Instructor: Leila Asadi

“Scholars and Artists at Risk” Panel

Hall 3- English

Human Rights Panel

Hall 2- English

The Interaction of Human Rights with the Government and National Sovereignty

Essays by M. Masaeli
Mahmoud Masaeli

The Subject of Abortion in International Human Rights

By Mahmoud Masaeli

Right To Information

AcademiX Courses
Coordinator and Course Designer: Bahar Saba

Sejal Parmar

Academix Instructor
Lecturer and Director, Human Rights Forum

Episode 11 – Transitional Justice – Bahar Saba

The Second Season of Iran Academia Podcast
Bahar Saba

Human Rights

Mahmoud Masaeli

Mansoureh Shojaee

تصویر پروفایل منصوره شجاعی
Author, researcher, and women's rights activist
بارگزاری نتایج بیشتر