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Kurdistan: Insights from Within
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Kurdistan: Insights from Within
Kurdish Nationalism, Religion, and State
Kamal Soleimani, Trans: Sirwan Barzanji
Author: Kamal Soleimani, translator: Sirwan Barzanji, editor-in-chief: Omid Hoseyni, editor: Karzan Sanaei. The first book of "Kurdistan, Insights from Within" series, published by the Iran Academia University Press, under the "Kurdish Studies" Category. From the Editor-in-chief's Note: "Due to their historical and political situation, the Kurds need to translate and be translated more than other communities. Perhaps there are experiences, worldviews, and ideas in the context of Kurdistan society, or they have been produced through the mediation of Kurdish thinkers that remain unknown to the Kurds themselves. In this series, an attempt has been made to translate into Persian a collection of scientific approaches, ideas, analyses, and descriptions produced by Kurdish intellectuals, writers, and academics in the form of academic texts. We believe this will help us better understand the society of Kurdistan and the potential for Kurdish thinkers to be recognized both within and outside of Kurdistan. This series features a wide range of Kurdish writers and thinkers, but they all have chosen "Kurdistan" as their theoretical concern; each has analyzed different facets of Kurdish society." The free PDF version of this book is available on the Iran Academia Press website. The on-demand printed version is available for purchase.