Amir Moghadam

Graduate in psychology, philosophy, and a master's degree holder in art conservation, Researcher.

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تصویر امیر مقدم

Dr. Amir Moghadam is a multidisciplinary scholar with a background in psychology, philosophy, and a master’s degree in art conservation. His research centers on the field of historiography and the pivotal role that historical-mythical texts play in shaping collective consciousness within the Middle East. Dr. Moghadam has contributed to the discourse on power dynamics and the evolution of historiography in the Middle Eastern context. His most recent project delves into the influence of the late Ottoman period on the social psychology of Iran in the aftermath of World War I.

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پوستر رونمایی کتاب طلعت پاشا
With the author and translator from Australia
Book Review
Book Launch - "Talaat Pasha" - With the author and translator
Author: Hans Lukas Kieser, Translated by Amir moghadam
Talaat Pasha, Father of Modern Turkey, Architect of Genocide
دریافت داده بیشتر

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