Hamed Farmand

Children’s rights activist

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Hamed Farmand was born and raised in Tehran (1975). His mother was arrested for political reasons when she was six years old and spent five years in prison. At the age of 34, he considered setting up an organization to support children whose parents had been imprisoned. Two years later, he laid the groundwork for the establishment of the Children of Prisoners Institute. Hamed has about twenty years of work experience and more than five years of management experience in various fields and has three years of permanent experience and about eight years of freelance journalism experience. He immigrated to the United States in 2010 and is currently working in a restaurant chain in addition to developing the activities of a non-profit organization for children of prisoners.
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Course Designer and Instructor: Hamed Farmand
Protecting the Rights of Children in Iran
دریافت داده بیشتر

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