Mansoor Moaddel

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Mansoor Moaddel is a professor of sociology at the University of Maryland, College Park. His books include Islamic Modernism, Nationalism, and Fundamentalism: Episode and Discourse (2005) and The Clash of Values: Islamic Fundamentalism versus Liberal Nationalism (2020). Taghi Azadarmaki and the late Rahmat Sediq supervised, respectively, the 2000 and 2005 surveys in Iran. These surveys were funded by two grants from the National Science Foundation. Comments by Kamran Talattof and Maryam Chaudhry as well as Joel Hanisek’s editorial assistance are gratefully acknowledged.

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Mansoor Moaddel
FTJ Issue No. 12
Secular Shift Among Iranians: Findings from Cross-National & Longitudinal Surveys
Spring 2022
Freedom of Thought Journal
Freedom of Thought Journal 12
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Mansoor Moaddel
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