‪Saeed Paivandi

Professor of Sociology and Methodology

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Saeed Paivandi

Paivandi completed his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in sociology at the University of Tehran and his doctorate in the sociology of education and educational sciences at the University of Paris. He was a researcher at the Student Research Center from 1992 to 1997 and an associate professor at the University of Paris 8 from 1997 to 2011. Paivandi has been a professor at the University of Lorraine since 2011 and is a member of the French National Center for University Research, and is the academic director of the Institute of Humanities and Social Sciences (Iran Academia).

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انقلاب فرهنگی
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Iran's Cultural Revolution: Four Decades of Confrontation Between the Theocracy and the University
رونمایی کتاب و بررسی
آموزش برابری جنسیتی در کلاس درس
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Book Launch: "Teaching gender equality in the classroom" with the presence of the author and critic
پوستر فراخوان شورای دبیران انجمن آزادی اندیشه
Call for papers
Call for Papers for the Next Two Issues of the Freedom of Thought Journal: 'Religion and Society in Iran: The Current Situation and Future Prospects'
Saeed Paivandi, Translated by Jaffar Jahanbakhsh
Freedom of Thought Journal Issue 14
School Rebellers in Iran
پوستر ژورنال چهاردهم آزادی اندیشه
Winter 2023
Freedom of Thought Journal, No.14
تظاهرات شبانه در خیابانی در ایران دختران و پسران دست در دست با علامت پیروزی
Saeed Paivandi
Freedom of Thought Journal Issue 13
Unaccomplished Protest Movements in Iran and the Challenge of Building a Collective Imaginary of Political Change
پوستر برنامه پنجم همایش زن زندگی آزادی در کلن آلمان
Saeed Peyvandi and Yeganeh Khoie
Movement and its questions
The Role of The Diaspora in The Movement and Its Questions - Fifth Event - Woman, Life, Freedom Forum - Cologne
Shahla Shafigh and Saeed Paivandi
Perspectives and Challenges of the Movement and Its Questions - Fourth Event of the Woman, Life, Freedom Forum - Cologne
Editorial Team
Lessons from "Woman, Life, Freedom"- No.6
Editorial Team
Lessons from "Woman, Life, Freedom"- No.5
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