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Iran Academia podcast is one of the audio-visual products of Iran Academia to expand knowledge and acquaintance with academics, experts, activists, artists, writers, and intellectuals in the field of social sciences and humanities, which is available to the general public in most podcast platforms and also on Iran Academia’s YouTube channel. Sajad Sepehri has been the host of the Iran Academia Podcast since 2018. This podcast has been available to the public since 2021 in a different version and quality.

Second Season of Iran Academia Podcast
The Second Season of Iran Academia Podcast

Archive Iran Academia Podcast

Episode 12 – Survey Methodologies – Ammar Maleki
Ammar Maleki
This episode is dedicated to an interview with Ammar Maleki, an assistant professor of political science at Tilburg University in the Netherlands and director of the GAMAAN, The Group for Analyzing and Measuring Attitudes in IRAN.
Episode 11
Episode 11 – Transitional Justice – Bahar Saba
Bahar Saba
Bahar Saba is the Middle East and North Africa Programme Officer at ARTICLE 19. Sajad Sepehri and Bahar Saba have a conversation about Transitional Justice.
Episode 10
Episode 10- Religion and Dār ul-Funun- Arash Ghajarjazi
Arash Ghajarjazi, Sajad Sepehri
Episode 9
Episode 9- Artificial intelligence; Fair or discriminatory?- Iran Mansouri
Iran Mansouri, Sajad Sepehri
Episode 8
Episode 8- Which secularism?- Pooyan Tamimi Arab
Pooyan Tamimi Arab, Sajad Sepehri
Episode 7
Episode 7- In the Name of Freedom; How Our World Has Become Increasingly Unfree Since 9/11- Farah Karimi
Farah Karimi, Sajad Sepehri
Episode 6
Episode 6- Our understanding of gender and sexuality- Zeynab Peyghambarzadeh
Zeynab Peyghambarzadeh, Sajad Sepehri
Episode 5
Episode 5- The battle of semiconductors and our future- Hamed Sadeghian
Hamed Sadeghian, Sajad Sepehri
Episode 4
Episode 4- Truth and Documentary Cinema- Reza Allamehzadeh
Reza Allamehzadeh, Sajad Sepehri
Episode 3
Episode 3- Agamben and the Homo Sacer project- Mojtaba Golmohammadi
Mojtaba Golmohammadi, Sajad Sepehri
Episode 2
Episode 2 – Political Art – Iman Ganji
Iman Ganji- Sajad Sepehri
Episode 1
Episode 1 – Social Librarianship
Mansoureh Shojaee- Sajad Sepehri