Episode 2 – Political Art – Iman Ganji

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The second edition of Iran Academia’s audio-visual podcast is a discussion about political art with Iman Ganji. This dialogue occurred in February 2021, and it was originally published on the 27th of April. This post includes links to the video and audio versions of the conversation.

Iman Ganji was born in 1986 and possesses a Ph.D. in Art Philosophy and Performing Arts Studies. He has translated Deleuze, Spinoza, Marx, Batay, Blanche, Benjamin, Negri, and others, as well as written pieces for many books, magazines, and journals. He has a Master’s degree in Art Philosophy from Tehran University of the Arts, as well as a Master’s degree in Performing Arts Studies from Amsterdam and Warwick in the United Kingdom. He also has a Ph.D. in Art Studies from the University of Berlin. He has performed in Turkey and Berlin.


Iman Ganji
Iman Ganji
Ph.D. in philosophy of art and performance art studies
Sajad Sepehri
Sajad Sepehri
Sociology Researcher

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