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Iran Academia Podcast
Iran Academia Podcast

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Live Event
A reflection on the Russian military invasion of Ukraine
Behrouz Bayat
From the collection of monthly webinars of the Freedom of Thought Association in collaboration with Iran Academia
Episode 11
Episode 11 – Transitional Justice – Bahar Saba
Bahar Saba
Bahar Saba is the Middle East and North Africa Programme Officer at ARTICLE 19. Sajad Sepehri and Bahar Saba have a conversation about Transitional Justice.
Politics and the Emotions Webinar
Farangis Bayat, Political Scientist
- -
Violence Against Women: the continuity of power relations in the domestic, national and international spheres
Azadeh Kian
Introduction to System Theory – Session 2: Basic Propositions and Concepts of System Theory – 1
Mohammad Reza Nikfar
An Introduction to System Theory – Session 1: Critical Approach into the Discussion
Mohammad Reza Nikfar
Theoretical speculations about why women are subjected to violence and how to counteract it.
Mehrdad Darvishpour
Lesson No. 2
Stephen Resnick
Lesson No. 1
Stephen Resnick
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