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Rousseau: Freedom as a Prerequisite for Equality
Reyhaneh Gholami
The original language of this article is Persian. Please change the language of the website to Persian in order to view the article content.
Essays by M. Masaeli
Honor Killing in International Human Rights
Mahmoud Masaeli
Honor killings, which disproportionately affect women, are committed in response to actions deemed improper by the perpetrators of such crimes, notably taboos. These are unacceptable behaviors that arise inside a specific culture or religion and are imposed on their members.
FTJ Issue No.11
The evolution of gender discourse in modern Iran
Claudia Yaghoobi
FTJ Issue No.11
COVID-19 Depressed Women’s Employment Everywhere, and More So in Iran
Nadereh Chamlou
The coronavirus pandemic has had a regressive impact on women’s economic outcomes worldwide. In Iran, too, the closures and the pandemic have depressed women’s already low economic participation rates by about 20 percent. This paper compares pre-COVID/end of 2019 with the end of 2020 Iranian labor market outcomes, using data from the Statistical Office of Iran.
FTJ Issue No.11
From Bedrooms to Streets: The Rise of a New Generation of Independent Iranian Women
Janet Afari
FTJ Issue No.11
Jamshid Behnam: Narrator of Loneliness, Violence, and Crises
Ali Reza Manafzadeh
FTJ Issue No.11
The 14th SH Century: A Century of Education, Lessons Learned, Not Learned, and Mislearned
Interview with Saeed Paivandi by M. R. Nikfar
FTJ Issue No.11
A Historical Study of the Iranian Queer Non-movement
Shahram Kiani
FTJ Issue No.11
My Encounters with the Question of Iranian Identity
Ahmad Ashraf
FTJ Issue No.11
The Problematic Confrontation of “Us” with the Other: One Dream and Multiple Interpretations
Sayeh Azarpanah & Maedeh Maktoum
FTJ Issue No.11
The Fourteenth SH Century and the Challenges of Muslim Intellectuals
Mohsen Mottaghi
FTJ Issue No.11
Intellectuals and Social Movements in Iran in the Fourteenth SH Century: The Narrative of a Century of Ups and Downs
Farhad Khosrowkhavar & Saeed Paivandi
Displacing Queer Refugee Epistemologies
Sima Shakhsari
The Impact of Nationalism and Colonialism on Islamism
Kamal Soleimani
Feminization of Higher Education in Iran: Contradictions and Complexities
Saeed Paivandi, Yasmin Nader
Article published in the Journal of Freedom of Thought - Iran Academia University Press
Gender Differences in Motivation for Scientific / Professional Development of Iranian Boys and Girls
Nayereh Tohidi
Article published in the Journal of Freedom of Thought - Iran Academia University Press
Science, Power and Gender Inequalities
Saeed Paivandi
Article published in the Journal of Freedom of Thought - Iran Academia University Press
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