Articles published in the 12th issue of FTJ on “The Turn of the Century-2”, published in the fall, 2022

FTJ Issue No. 12


Solar Calendar and the Development of Iranian Identity

FTJ Issue No. 12
Abbas Amanat

The University’s Autonomy, Academic Freedom, and the State: A Century of Tension and Mistrust

FTJ Issue No. 12
Saeed Paivandi

One Century and Two Uprisings: Toward the Women’s Liberation Movement (FTJ)

FTJ Issue No. 12
Mansoureh Shojaee

Investigating the “Oil Curse Theory”: Political Economy and Development in the Pahlavi Period and the Islamic Republic

FTJ Issue No. 12
Nima Emdadi

Intermediary Intellectuals, Civil Society, Democratization, Women, and Labor Movements in Iran Over the Past Twenty Years

FTJ Issue No. 12
Hadi Miri Ashtiani

Clergy and the Turn of the Century: From Clergy Against Power to Clergy in Power

FTJ Issue No. 12
Mohsen Mottaghi

Iran and the Shift Towards Nonviolence in Post-Revolutionary Generations

FTJ Issue No. 12
Mehrdad F. Samadzadeh

The Islamic Republic’s “Look to the East” policy and the Formation of a New World Order

FTJ Issue No. 12
Kazem Alamdari

Secular Shift Among Iranians: Findings from Cross-National & Longitudinal Surveys

FTJ Issue No. 12
Mansoor Moaddel

What Drives Iran’s Population Rejuvenation Policy?

FTJ Issue No. 12
Nadereh Chamlou
بازیابی بیشتر

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