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Archive Announcement

Call for Papers – “Woman, Life, Freedom” – FTJ – Issue No.13
From The Freedom of Thought Association
Call for Papers for the Forthcoming Issue (No.13) of the Freedom of Thought Journal Devoted to Analyses of Iranian Society and Politics at the Crossroads of the “Women, Life, Freedom” Movement
AcademiX Courses
Displacement and Forced migration: My Rights or the State’s Sovereignty
Course Designer and Instructor: Leila Asadi
The displacement course employs an interdisciplinary legal, political, and sociological approach to the issue of forced migration so that by the end of the course, the participants will be equipped with fundamental definitions and concepts pertaining to refugee rights, social-political foundations, and critical approaches to the International refugee legal regimes. Enroll for this course now
ICCI 2022
Iran and the Turn of the Century; Experiences, Lessons, and perspectives