Democracy: A Timeless Demand for Freedom

Democracy: A Timeless Demand for Freedom

Mahmoud Masaeli's collection of Persian essays

Mahmoud Masaeli’s collection of Persian essays. Please switch the language to read this essay in Persian.


Mahmoud Masaeli
Mahmoud Masaeli
Professor of Human Rights, Global Ethics and Development

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Arash Abizadeh, Translated by Reyhaneh Gholami
Essays of Reyhaneh Gholami
Hobbes and the Two Faces of Ethics
Mahmoud Masaeli
Essays by M. Masaeli
Honor Killing in International Human Rights
Hadi Miri Ashtiani
Cesare Beccaria's Perspective on the Death Penalty and Torture
By Mahmoud Masaeli
The subject of abortion in international human rights

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