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On Jouissance

مقاله در باب
By: Jacques Lacan, Translated by: Ashkan Beheshti

Multi-Directionality and Universality: Global Feminisms and International Law in the Twenty-First Century

جستار فمینیسم‌های جهانی
By: Karima Bennoune, Translated by: Fatemeh Hosseinzadeh

Friedrich August von Hayek Was an Enemy of Freedom

جستار فردریش آگوست فون هایک دشمن آزادی بود
By: Ingar Solty, Translated by: Emmanuel Shokrian

Freedom of the Press and Media and Its Relationship with Freedom of Expression

By: Jamal Fathi

Happy Birthday Kant, You Lousy Sadist

جستار تولدت مبارک کانت
By: Slavoj Žižek, Translated by: Hossein Mottaghi

Problems of Psychology in the Works of Karl Marx

عکس مقاله روان‌شناسی کارل مارکس
By: Sergej L. Rubinštejn, Translated by: Emanuel Shekarian

Anfal and Islamic Economics-Part Two

انفال و اقتصادیات اسلامی
نوشته مهرداد وهابی
ترجمه یپرم خان 
فصل پنجم قسمت دوم
On Agora
Translation of Chapter Five from "Destructive Coordination" by Mehrdad Vahabi

Anfal and Islamic Economics-Part One

انفال و اقتصادیات اسلامی - مهرداد وهابی - یپرم خان هایریک - فصل پنجم - قسمت اول
On Agora
Translation of Chapter Five - Mehrdad Vahabi

A new structural transformation of the public sphere?

By: Martin Seeliger, and Sebastian Sevignani, Translated by: Emanuel Shokrian

Book Review: The Prison Letters by Nasrin Sotoudeh

مقاله نسرین ستوده
Freedom of Thought Journal Issue 14
Nayereh Tohidi

The Mahsa Movement: The First Feminist Movement in Iran?

عکس مقاله جنبش مهسا
Freedom of Thought Journal Issue 14
Farhad Khosrokhavar

“Warm Philosophy” and “Cold Philosophy” by Mir Shamseddin Adib Soltani

Freedom of Thought Journal Issue 14
Mousa Akrami
بازیابی بیشتر

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