Experience with Education in Kurdistan

Experience with Education in Kurdistan


The purpose of this brief study is to examine the subject of education and liberating education in Rozhelat Kurdistan (Iranian Kurdistan) in two historical and theoretical sections. The first section will focus on specific concepts regarding the historical experience of education, universal education, and liberated education. In this section, utilizing the ideas of individuals such as Paulo Freire and Jacques Rancière from the era and two distinct historical contexts, an attempt is made to expand the discussion’s key concepts, namely education, universal education, and liberating education, through a theoretical challenge. In this section, the historical experience of liberation education in certain regions of Latin America, notably the Chiapas region of southern Mexico, will be examined. The second round of this discussion will begin by stressing and focusing on the educational history of Kurdistan and Iranian Kurdistan. In this section, the experience of three different modes of education in the subject area will be examined: 1. religious education 2.  Governmental education, 3.  Education alternatives.  In a separate section, the relationship between educational ideas and worldwide experiences and Kurdistan’s historical experience, particularly during the revolution of 1979, will be examined.



Kaveh Ghoreishi

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