Iran and the Turn of the Century; Experiences, Lessons, and perspectives


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Speech of Natalia Pashkeeva
ICCI 2022
Overcoming the archival secrecy ? the OFF-SITE research project experience
Speech of Joel Hanisek
ICCI 2022
SAR's Network and the State of Academic Freedom
Speech of Asef Bayat
ICCI 2022
Discussing the Notion of "Middle Class Poor"
Speech of Mahmoud Masaeli
ICCI 2022
Erga Omnes Obligations in International Human Rights Law and Unwillingness of the I.R. of Iran to Obey
Hall 1- English
ٍEnglish Day
A Conversation with Kamran Matin by Anahita Hosseini
Speech of Shakiba Rahmani
ICCI 2022
Investigating the Position of Women's Voice in the Field of Iranian Music From Long Ago to Today
Speech of Jalil Roshandel
ICCI 2022
Historical Analysis of Iran's Foreign Policy and Its Main Approaches During the 14th Century(sh)
Speech of Iman Ganji
ICCI 2022
Slums and the “Invisible” Populations of Neoliberalism
Speech of Ammar Maleki
ICCI 2022
Understanding Developments in Iran based on Iranians' Attitudes
Speech of Maral Karimi
ICCI 2022
Theorizing Protest Cycles In Iran: A Causal Loop Model
Speech of Nazli Kamvari
ICCI 2022
An introduction on the book "In the Middle, on the Edge"
Speech of Nayereh Tohidi
ICCI 2022
The Primary Changes in Gender-Related Activism in Iran in the Past 100 Years
Speech of Hamideh Saberi
ICCI 2022
Iran's Women Enduring "Coercive Control" During COVID-19
Discussion and introduction of a book
ICCI 2022
A Discussion on the Book: In the Middle, on the Edge, Essays on Iran’s Middle Class Poor
Speech of Iradj Sobhani
ICCI 2022
Individual and Social Health Issues Challenges Human Rights
Speech of Asefeh Behzadi
ICCI 2022
International Economics Book Project-CORE Project
Speech of Aziz Mohibbi
ICCI 2022
Academic Freedom and Opportunities for Afghan Scholars
Andra Matei's Speech
ICCI 2022
Challenges to defending the freedom of artistic expression
Hall 1 - Persian
ICCI 2022
Conversation with Touraj Atabaki and reviewing "Subaltern History"
Speech of Hadi Miri Ashtiani
ICCI 2022
Middle Class Collapse and Emerging Urban Poor (Case study: Tehran)
Speech of Hayedeh Ravesh
ICCI 2022
Education in the Last Century in Iran
Speech of Emmanuel Shokrian
ICCI 2022
Emergence in Crisis, Critique of Psychology
Speech Fatemeh Sadeghi
ICCI 2022
"Quiet Encroachment" Of Vendor Women On Subway In Tehran [English]
Speech of Vafa Mehraein
ICCI 2022
Defining the Criteria for Recognition of Sexism in Textbooks
سالن ۱ - انگلیسی
ٍEnglish Day
A Conversation with Asef Bayat by Nayereh Tohidi
Hall 1- Persian
Hall 1
The Editorial Board of "Freedom of Thought Journal (FTJ)" - Round table
Speech of Roja Fazaeli
ICCI 2022
Preaching Hate: An analysis of gendered hate speech in Jomeh sermons in Iran
Speech of Kheyzaran Esmaeilzadeh
ICCI 2022
"National Art" in The visual Arts of Modern Iran and its Transformations
Speech of M. R. Nikfar
ICCI 2022
The Middle Class of Iran and its Poor
Speech of Elif Yilmazlar
ICCI 2022
The Crime of Historical Denialism
Opening Remarks at the ICCI Conference
ICCI 2022
Opening Remarks at the 2022 International Conference on Contemporary Iranian Studies (ICCI)
ICCI 2022
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ICCI 2022
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