How Do You See the Crisis of Motivation and the Crisis of Legitimacy in Iran Today?

How Do You See the Crisis of Motivation and the Crisis of Legitimacy in Iran Today?

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The basis, territory, extent, and manner of government intervention in social and economic affairs are one of the most fundamental issues of public law. The three theories of classics, welfare states, and neoclassical in general economic law have been formed in this direction. In the analysis of Habermas’s critical approach and considering the relationship between legitimacy and intervention, the modern liberal government is in a contradictory situation; That is, it cannot interfere in the public sphere, nor necessarily stop interfering. The Islamic Republic of Iran, as one of the last surviving political-ideological systems of the 20th century, continues to exist in spite of the difference in the new atmosphere ruling the national and international arena. Undoubtedly, the continuation of this process requires the system to adapt to the new requirements of the world community, including the paradigm of political development. Considering this issue, the main question that is raised is, what are the reasons for the crisis of legitimacy and crisis of efficiency in the political system of the Islamic Republic of Iran? And what is the way out of these crises?


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