Iran’s Leftist Intellectuals

Iran’s Leftist Intellectuals

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Mohsen Mottaghi
ICCI 2019
Muslim intellectuals in trial of Iranian revolution


Saeed Paivandi
‪Saeed Paivandi
Professor of Sociology and Methodology

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Speech of Vafa Mehraein
ICCI 2022
Defining the Criteria for Recognition of Sexism in Textbooks
Andra Matei's Speech
ICCI 2022
Challenges to defending the freedom of artistic expression
Discussion and introduction of a book
ICCI 2022
A Discussion on the Book: In the Middle, on the Edge, Essays on Iran’s Middle Class Poor
Speech of Nader Nasiri
ICCI 2022
Heroic and everyday life in Savooshoon
Speech of Asef Bayat
ICCI 2022
Discussing the Notion of "Middle Class Poor"
Speech of M. R. Nikfar
ICCI 2022
The Middle Class of Iran and its Poor

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