Iran’s Leftist Intellectuals

Iran’s Leftist Intellectuals

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Mohsen Mottaghi
ICCI 2019
Muslim intellectuals in trial of Iranian revolution


Saeed Paivandi
‪Saeed Paivandi
Professor of Sociology and Methodology

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سخنرانی عزیز محبی
ICCI 2022
Academic Freedom and Opportunities for Afghan Scholars
Speech of Asefeh Behzadi
ICCI 2022
International Economics Book Project-CORE Project
سخنرانی محسن متقی
ICCI 2022
The 14th Century(sh) and the Challenges of Muslim Intellectuals [speech]
Iradj Sobhani
ICCI 2019
The migration of science from university and the crisis of trust in medical science

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Author: Hans Lukas Kieser, Translated by Amir Moghadam
Talaat Pasha, Father of Modern Turkey, Architect of Genocide (Forthcoming Publication)
Successful completion of the "Economy" e-book project