Education in the Last Century in Iran

Education in the Last Century in Iran



Hayedeh Ravesh
Press and media activist, master's degree in social planning and education from UK universities

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Speech of Maral Karimi
ICCI 2022
Theorizing Protest Cycles In Iran: A Causal Loop Model
ICCI 2022
Iran and the Turn of the Century; Experiences, Lessons, and perspectives
Hall 1 - Persian
ICCI 2022
Conversation with Touraj Atabaki and reviewing "Subaltern History"
Speech of Aziz Mohibbi
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Academic Freedom and Opportunities for Afghan Scholars
ICCI 2019
Iran's Leftist Intellectuals
سخنرانی همایون علیزاده
ICCI 2022
Taking Steps Towards Seeking the Truth, Addressing the Impunity, and Restoring the Dignity of Victims of Violations of Human Rights Over the Past Decades in Iran

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