ICCI 2022 Sponsorship plans

ICCI 2022 Sponsorship plans

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Iran Academia and the International Institute for Social Studies (ISS) host the Second International Conference on Contemporary Iranian Studies in The Hague, the Netherlands. Whether you’re an individual, institution, or company, Iran Academia appreciates your help and sponsorship in making this valuable initiative a reality.

To find out how you can help the conference, you can find additional information in the attached PDF document.

Our Suggestion

ICCI 2022
Iran and the Turn of the Century; Experiences, Lessons, and perspectives
Discussion and introduction of a book
ICCI 2022
A Discussion on the Book: In the Middle, on the Edge, Essays on Iran’s Middle Class Poor
Speech of Nazli Kamvari
ICCI 2022
An introduction on the book "In the Middle, on the Edge"
Speach - Fatemeh Sadeghi
"Quiet Encroachment" Of Vendor Women On Subway In Tehran [English]
Speech of Nayereh Tohidi
The Primary Changes in Gender-Related Activism in Iran in the Past 100 Years

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