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Asefeh Rezai
Asefeh Behzadi

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Speech of Sajad Sepehri
ICCI 2022
The Difficulties of Persian Scientific Publication and our Responses
سالن ۱ - انگلیسی
ٍEnglish Day
A Conversation with Asef Bayat by Nayereh Tohidi
سخنرانی همایون علیزاده
ICCI 2022
Taking Steps Towards Seeking the Truth, Addressing the Impunity, and Restoring the Dignity of Victims of Violations of Human Rights Over the Past Decades in Iran
سخنرانی هادی میری آشتیانی
ICCI 2022
Middle Class Collapse and Emerging Urban Poor (Case study: Tehran)

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Spring 2022
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