Iran’s Women Enduring “Coercive Control” During COVID-19

Iran’s Women Enduring “Coercive Control” During COVID-19


Since the outbreak of the coronavirus, domestic violence, as the most common type of violence against women, had been raised globally. Lockdown, as a security measure taken during the pandemic, has forced women to stay at home with the people who are the perpetrators of violence against them. In this predicament, it seems that the number of victims in countries like Iran, in which women have no support from civic society and the legal authorities, is higher than in other communities. Likewise, this research aims to assess the prevalence of domestic violence against Iranian women during the pandemic, based on some scattered reports, recent interviews, and field studies. Accordingly, “coercive control” is used as a tool to analyze the data collected in this study.

Keywords: Domestic violence, Pandemic, Quarantine, Coercive control


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Conference Paper - Hamideh Saberi
IAJ Issue No.9
Iran's Women Enduring ‘Coercive Control’ During COVID-19 [Conf. Paper]


Hamideh Saberi
Ph.D. candidate in Global History of Empires at the University of Torino. Ms in History of Islamic Culture and Civilization and Global Culture “History and oriental studies"

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